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Proactive health. Pro-level safety.

With Invoxia Smart Dog Collar, track your dog’s heath, wellbeing and whereabouts 24/7 and learn everything about their baseline.


GPS tracking and history

Keep an eye on your dog's location at any time. Track their outings while they're not with you and know where to look for them in case they run away or get lost.

Escape alerts (coming soon)

Get alerted if your dog gets in or out of personalized virtual fences. You can create as many zones as you need.

Find nearby, light and ringer (coming soon)

The ‘Find nearby’ feature, the LED light and the ringer will help you locate your dog when they might not be immediately visible.

Send the data to your veterinarian

Send all your dog’s health and activity data to their veterinarian in a click.

Unique Heart signature

A geometrical representation of your dog's heartbeats, unique to each dog, that contains hidden insights on their cardio-pulmonary system.

Sleep heart & breathing rate

The heart rate and the breathing rate are the most important metrics to monitor for the prevention and monitoring of at-risk dogs.

Activity monitoring

Ensure their physical activity levels match their needs (walking, playing, running), track their meals and sleep quality.

Wellbeing and behavior monitoring

Keep an eye on your dog’s vitality and ensure their overall wellbeing by monitoring their behavior (barking, resting, eating, drinking, gnawing).

They are your heart.
Now get closer to theirs.

Start tracking their every move and heart beat.


Heart health scan

Discover everything about your dog’s heart.


The first multi-award winning dog collar with heart health scan.

Smart Dog Collar is a cutting-edge device that monitors your dog's health and activity metrics. It helps you better understand their baseline and detect any possible changes as soon as they occur. This early detection can be critical in preventing various pathologies and ensuring your dog's long-term health.

In the app, you can monitor:
• Resting heart rate
• Resting breathing rate
• Heart signature

Monitor your dog’s heart and respiratory rate on a daily basis, and over the long term. The heart and breathing rates are the best measures for preventive cardiac care and monitoring of ailing and at risk dogs.

Heart signature is a geometrical representation of your dog's heart. It is unique to your dog and contains meaningful markers of pathologies, age, stress conditions...
Smart Dog Collar can help you monitor that your cardiac dog is stabilized, and detect onsets of congestive heart failures.

About the tech:

Smart Dog Collar is the most advanced collar for dogs. It captures and processes health data via sensor fusion, and edge artificial intelligence within the collar to measure movement, respiratory and heart rates that would otherwise be impossible without uncomfortable electrodes. Smart Dog Collar will unveil your dog’s baseline to help you spot problems in your dog’s health before any visible signs surface.

Smart Dog Collar is paving the way for preventative pet care.


Learn more about their vitality.


The combination of activity and vital sign monitoring gives a powerful 360° view of your dog’s health.

Smart Dog Collar can automatically detect multiple activities.

Smart Dog Collar can help to spot any volatilities or changes in appetite. It can also keep an eye on your dog’s outings with the dog sitter, ensure your dog walker is going the distance, or feel confident that your dog is in good hands with friends and family.

In the app:
• Activity monitoring: walking, running, playing, eating, drinking
• Behavior: barking, gnawing, resting
• Wellbeing: petting

Don’t lose touch with your dog, no matter how far away you might be.

About the tech:

Invoxia has developed a patent pending range of sensors paired with artificial intelligence algorithms and the activity detection and monitoring is based on tens of millions of days of pet activity data collected with its previous generation sensor, the Pet Tracker.

GPS tracking

Keep an eye on every step they make.


Never lose your dog again.

One of a pet parent's worst fears is the fear of losing their dog while out on walks, staying with a dog sitter or worse, having their pet stolen.
With its GPS tracking feature, Smart Dog Collar enables dog owners to locate their precious pooch if it runs away, becomes lost or stolen.

In the app, you can find:
• GPS tracking and history
• Live tracking (coming soon)
• Escape alerts and ‘find nearby’ (coming soon)

Smart Dog Collar tackles two main concerns of pet owners – health and whereabouts, to ease the mind of pet parents.

About the tech:

The Invoxia Smart Dog Collar intelligently combines Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and GPS to offer owners accurate location details with maximum battery efficiency.Invoxia’s GPS trackers are n°1 in Europe and have hundreds of thousands satisfied clients.

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