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Minitailz: The Smart Activity Tracker for Dogs

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Invoxia Petcare blog
Invoxia Petcare blog

Have you ever wondered what your dog does when you’re not around? This question lingers in the minds of many dog owners. Fortunately, Minitailz finally provides a clear and precise answer to this intriguing question!

Thanks to our artificial intelligence algorithms, Minitailz can detect and track all the daily activities of your faithful companion. Walks, sleep, moments of madness, scratches, barking, and more: this dog tracker misses nothing.

Tracking Activities with Minitailz

Imagine being able to finally understand your dog’s habits with precision… It’s now possible with Minitailz. This dog activity tracker collects valuable data on your four-legged friend’s daily activities. Its compact and smart design allows it to do so without ever encumbering or bothering your dog! Once these data are recorded, they are immediately accessible via your Invoxia Petcare app, available on the App Store and the Play Store.

With just a glance at your smartphone, you get a complete overview of your dog’s habits. This allows you to finally better understand their behavior and adjust your interactions and activities accordingly.

Understanding to Act Better

With Minitailz, you’re no longer in the dark about your dog’s needs. You have access to a detailed overview of their daily activity. Now, you can precisely meet their needs for sleep, play, and exercise.

Imagine: no more guessing! You finally understand what your dog does with their days, without worrying about whether they’re getting enough exercise or rest. Minitailz offers you a complete tracking of the vitality and well-being of your pet. Thus, you can quickly detect any behavioral changes that might indicate a health or well-being issue.

Did you know, for example, that if your dog barks, it might simply mean they’re bored? With Minitailz, you finally discover their barking habits. If you notice they’re excessive, you can try spending more time with them, or offering more stimulation.

Did You Know?

Dogs are beings with impressive sensitivity. They do not hesitate to be there for their human heart in difficult times. But did you know that some of them tend to hide when they’re in pain?

That’s why a disease or injury can sometimes be complicated to detect. It’s in the small details that you can notice changes. But if you’re not with them all day, this task can be difficult.

Thanks to Minitailz, these small changes in behavior can finally be detected! With daily reports on their daily activities and detailed reports each week, this dog tracker makes your life easier. The activity curve can also give you a good clue if you notice that it’s decreasing.

What Activities Can I Track on My Minitailz?

Many activities are detected thanks to Minitailz, including walking, running, trotting, resting and transportation. Other activities are also recorded in beta mode:

  • petting
  • play
  • meal
  • hydration
  • barking

The activity tracker also recognizes the intensity of the activity in question. Thanks to a color code, you can easily spot times of moderate activity (in light blue) and more intense moments (in dark blue).

activity curve

It’s up to you to adapt their activities to their needs. This depends on criteria such as your dog’s breed, age, or weight.

In Conclusion

In summary, Minitailz is much more than just a simple dog activity tracker. It’s a smart companion that helps you better understand and take care of your faithful four-legged friend. Don’t leave any questions unanswered about your dog’s habits and needs. Opt for Minitailz today and discover what it really means to be a caring and informed master!


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